9615 N Houston Rosslyn Rd, Houston, TX 77088 Sunday - 9:30 am Sunday School, 11 am Worship Service | Tuesday - 6:00 pm Prayer Meeting

About WTBC


Woodland Trails Baptist Church- Houston TX

We see the light of truth cutting through the darkness! At WTBC, we will seek to lead irreligious people from the darkness of separation from God to a relationship with him by proclaiming clearly and often the truth of eternal life in Jesus Christ. Corporately, we will provide a Sunday morning service that is exciting, interesting, and friendly. We will also have outreach events such as VBS, block parties, sports leagues, and festivals. Individually, the mature, trained followers of Christ will reach out to friends, family, and neighbors.

We sense the aroma of freedom from a selfish lifestyle! At WTBC, believers are encouraged to shed the shackles of harmful and selfish behavior and enjoy the freedom of growing in Christ. We understand the characteristics of a fully functioning follower and are challenged to become one. In formal teaching times and small groups, believers find the means for learning how to study the word, pray to God, share their faith, make disciples, and practice hospitality.

We hear the sound of laughter breaking down the walls of silence! At WTBC, we will be a family that calls people from the loneliness of isolation to the joy of relationships. We will seek to know, serve, encourage, challenge, grow, and love one another. We will welcome all people regardless of race, sex, or history into our family, just as God has welcomed believers into his family by his grace. We will not be afraid to laugh or have fun.

We feel the strength of a loving hand training us to serve! At WTBC, men and women will receive further training in order to grow and become leaders who make disciples. As a result of our worship, evangelism, assimilation, and leadership training, we will become a church of ministers that carries out the great commission, meets the needs of one another, builds safer communities, and glorifies the name of Jesus Christ in the city of Houston, TX.

Core Values:

  • We value glorifying God through Excellence
  • We value purpose driven ministry
  • We value discipleship
  • We value family
  • We value relationships
  • We value prayer
  • We value the Scriptures