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Missional Communities

The importance of the small group, or as we call it at Woodland Trails Baptist, Missional Community, is that it fosters community. Community represents a huge priority to God. The small group model stems from Jesus’ example. The small group leader is an example to follow. That example takes hard work. The leader must bear fruit which demonstrates growth. Leadership is the key. The successful small group understands the importance of the ‘one another’ passages. Therefore, we seek to incorporate these passages into the curriculum. Resolving conflict in a loving manner sustains the integrity of the group. Missional Community participants must view corporate worship as a priority. Intentionality in the effort to witness must also be a priority as is a study and application of Scripture. Active Missional Community participants engage in ministry efforts, pooling their unique array of spiritual gifts to foster synergy. We seek to instill in the Missional Community leader a deliberate effort to develop a clear vision to be open to the unsaved.

Multiplying leaders represents the fruit of a successful group. Our leadership team seeks to foster growth among members that will elicit both health and balance. Strength in biblical, spiritual, and practical facets of leadership represent a staple for success. In addition to the Missional Community sessions on Sunday morning, we host a Tuesday evening Bible study for the purpose of teaching members how to study the Word of God. We also host a discipleship training curriculum on Thursday evenings known as MasterLife. Missional Community leaders make these sessions enjoyable and always set aside the time to pray. We develop harmonious relationships with a comprehensive covenant. We develop icebreaker questions to get the discussion going and discussion questions to keep people involved.

We create a warm environment that puts members at ease. Moreover, the WTBC Missional Community leader seeks the development of a successful small group that will ultimately replicate. The WTBC Missional Community leaders pray for each member daily. Prayer is a powerful tool and a weapon against the enemy. God moves through prayer. Furthermore, the WTBC Missional Community leader encourages his members to invite new people to visit the group weekly. WTBC small group members pray for the ‘empty chair’ and for opportunities to win people to themselves, to the group, and ultimately to Christ. The WTBC Missional Community leader makes it a practice to contact group members regularly.

Relationship building is not a once a week event. It represents an ongoing process as the Missional Community members ‘do life’ together.  Regular contact keeps everyone engaged with each other. As a leader, the Senior Pastor at WTBC always reminds his teams that perspiration in the preparation brings power in the presentation. He therefore, meets with each Missional Community leader weekly in order to disseminate the lesson plan as well as to foster a deeper Christ-centered relationship. Ultimately, WTBC produces leaders for the Great Commission as we all share and regularly communicate their shared vision.

In the 21st Century, Christians are not known for making disciples. Moreover, the culture expects the ministers to do the work that they are paid to do and the church members simply ‘sit back and enjoy the show.’ We therefore, use discipleship guides in order to foster qualitative development. We keep detailed records of progress knowing that quality and quantity are both measurements of success. We create ubiquitous communication concerning the indispensable importance of developing and replicating good leaders in order to birth new groups. Ultimately, the entire WTBC curriculum is designed to train and develop disciple makers who make disciple makers.